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Trent Barela

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1596341

Cell: (949) 537 8871
Office: (949) 537 8871
7985 S 700 E
Sandy, UT 84070

The Mortgage Industry has plenty of Mortgage Professionals that are doing their job. I pride myself in my line of business. My job isn’t to sell Homeowners to get a loan, it’s to teach them about the loan process while guiding and Advising the best programs for them. My customers turn into life long clients where a long lasting relationship is developed. I specialize in Credit Analysis and advise my Customers to make the right decision based on Benefit and Future Benefit. I firmly believe in making a difference in others lives, which in correlation means don’t just work to work. Work with Pride and Intent to better the everyday lives of others.

I have 6 years of experience in Residential Lending. I’m Father and a Loving Husband where I understand Family and when life happens. I’ve seen every scenario which has allowed me to give the best advice in a constant changing market. Customer Service is more than just a good experience. It’s about relating and asking the right questions to make sure that their idea on what they want is the right fit.

Forward Progress and constant change and innovation is key to success in a technologically advancing industry. I strive in competitive markets and always know that giving up is never an option. I’m here to find the Why behind the reason to do business. Then ask questions which many forget to ask and truly look out for their best interest. Let’s go over the Big financial picture and setup a plan that many can’t stick to, but many can achieve success and financial security that many generations will benefit. It’s about realistic goals, ones that are achievable. Also, If you can follow the routine and overcome all the challenges life has to offer. You will start to see your dreams and goals unfold. Let’s expect hardship and plan for it. Try to embrace these trying times that shape each person into exactly who their meant to be. Which will pass down for many generations to come. Mortgages are very personal and I want to hear your story, your goals, dreams and aspirations so we can build your strategic plan.

Getting started on the purchase or refinance of your home is just a few minutes away. No commitment needed.

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